DIY Ornament and Yarn Ball Wreath

Christmas has come and gone but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost my holiday spirit. In fact, after the holidays is the best time to snag some great deals at your local craft store for next year’s Christmas decor. Last year, I went to Michael’s Craft store the week after Christmas and found some awesome bargains on faux Christmas wreaths, ball ornaments and other holiday accessories. One project that I absolutely love and have received much praise for is my Ornament and Yarn Ball Wreath. I can’t tell you how many wreaths were left over at the craft store that had so much potential to look good if they received a bit of TLC. So I decided to think outside the box and add some glitter and glam to the boring and drab.  Although this project is slightly time consuming, it is very easy and looks fantastic both indoors and outdoors. Here’s how you do it:

Craft Tools Needed:

1. One 18 inch Christmas Wreath
2. About 40-50 Christmas Bulb Ornaments 
3. Different colored Yarn 
4. Foam Balls in different sizes
5. Hot Glue Gun
6. Christmas Music Playing in the background!

Believe it or not, I bought all of my bulb ornaments at the dollar store. You can get rolls of beautiful ornaments in all different colors for only $1! You can also buy different sized ornaments to add some variation to your wreath. As for yarn, you can use whatever colors you’d like. For this project I used green, red and white yarn.
1. Begin by wrapping the different sized foam balls in yarn. Make sure you use enough yarn so that no foam is showing through.
2. Once the yarn balls are made, start gluing! Glue the bulbs and the yarn balls to the wreath in a random pattern. I made sure different colors were touching each other to add variation to the wreath. I also made sure the bulbs were sitting as close to one another as possible. If there are any visible holes, it can be helpful to buy smaller bulbs to glue down to hide the gaps. 
3. Once the whole wreath was covered, let the glue set. To add a little extra holiday cheer, you can add red or gold ribbon to hang the wreath. 
4. Admire your hard work and enjoy a warm mug of hot chocolate 🙂