Focal Point: Exposed Brick

One of the things I love most about city living is exposed brick walls. I know it sounds irrational and there should be more to apartment dwelling than wall texture but something about brick walls make me giddy inside. For Independence Day, my boyfriend took me to his friend’s apartment in Back Bay and the second I walked in, I was mesmerized. Two of the four walls were adorned in brick bliss. Don’t get me wrong; the stainless steel appliances and private roof top were also extremely impressive but something about that brick wall sent tingles down my spine. It immediately gave me inspiration to do an entry on exposed brick. To me, nothing says “apartment chic” more than an exposed brick wall.

Brick walls are a great design element because they can add a lot of character to a room. Depending on the condition of the brick, an exposed brick wall can make a room look more rustic and aged.

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Rooms that feature a single brick wall are also unique in that the brick can serve as a focal point. The contrast between a brick wall and a painted wall can also make a brick wall stand out.


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Of course, there are things to consider when choosing an apartment with exposed brick walls. For one, brick walls absorb a great deal of heat. In the summertime, apartments with brick walls tend to be warmer than those than don’t. The alternative is true for the winter time. When the weather is cold, brick tends to become cold as well. One should consider alternative ways to monitor the temperature of an apartment with brick walls. Secondly, brick attracts dust and if previously painted, can chip. It is important to maintain your brick to ensure a neat looking space.

Feel free to share your ideas about exposed brick walls below!