Color Splash: Seafoam Green

Pastels have truly made a comeback. One color that I particularly love and has become increasingly popular is Seafoam Green. Seafoam green is calming, eloquent and can add charm to any space. When I originally came across this color, I was about seven years old and my best friend’s mom had just painted over their unevenly stained front door with a stunning seafoam green color. I was entranced by how much more welcoming their front porch had become once she incorporated this color into their outdoor color scheme. My friend would go on to move to two more different homes; each of which featured a seafoam green front door. This action compelled me to make one future promise to myself; my first home would also have a seafoam green door.

Since then, I’ve found that integrating seafoam green into any space can make for a beautiful accent color in any style home, whether it be traditional, rustic or contemporary. As shown by my best friend’s mom, one fantastic way to utilize seafoam green is as an entry way color.

source: Hudson Interior Designs

source: Pinterest

source: Tumblr

Not only does a seafoam green door help brighten up an entryway, but complements the various shades of green found in any garden or outdoor setting. Another way to incorporate seafoam green in a home, is by using it as a soothing bedroom wall color.

source: Country Living

source: Pinterest

source: Thornton Designs

Seafoam green also makes for a beautiful accent color. This color can be subtly incorporated into a room through throw pillows, headboards, picture frames, lamp bases and even dishes in a kitchen or dining room.

source: Kerrisdale Design Inc.

source: Better Homes and Gardens

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

source: Southern Living

Of course, there are many other ways to blend seafoam green into a living space but I thought I’d share a few examples here. Feel free to share your own ideas about this color and how you’ve incorporated this color into your own home!