DIY Wooden Frames

Accessories can truly make a home feel more like “a home.” The other day I was looking for DIY wall decor ideas when I came across a set of four 8×8 wooden frames on Etsy. They were BEAUTIFUL! Distressed wood picture frames in vintage neutrals. What more could a girl want?! The only problem? They were priced at $495.00. Now I’d like to think that most recent college graduates, such as myself, do not have $500.00 to blow on wall decor. Still, I felt that these frames would be the perfect touch to my new Cambridge apartment bedroom. So naturally, I drove over to Michael’s Craft store and recreated the project for a mere $25! Here’s how I did it:

Craft Tools Needed:

ArtMinds™ Square Wood Frame 9.5″x 9.5″ $1.00 each at Michaels

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-surface Acrylic Paint $1.99 each at Michael’s

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Foam Brushes $5.99 at Michaels

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Adhesive Stencils $8.99 at Michael’s

Additional Tools:
1. Paper Plate
2. Painter’s Tape
3. Napkins
4. Wood Glue or a Glue Gun

1. First things first; choose a color palette. The colors you choose can be whatever you like. For me, I was trying to match the colors I plan to put in my new bedroom (whites, beiges and blues) so I used the following Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-surface Acrylic Paint Colors: Putty, Cloud, Wedding Cake and Root Beer Float.

2. Once you have your colors chosen, it’s time to paint the first wooden frame! For my first frame I chose Cloud as my base paint color. I suggest administering a second coat to make the color really stand out.

3. Treat yourself to a glass of wine while the paint dries 🙂

4. After the base color dries, apply the adhesive stencils to the frame. I used the Martha Stewart Crafts™ Adhesive Stencils – Scrolls to include fleur-de-lis designs to my wooden frames. Once your stencils are situated where you want them, use the foam brushes to dab a different color of paint onto the stencils. For this frame, I used Root Beer Float. Make sure the amount of paint you use is not over-bearing; you can use a napkin to dab the excess paint off of the stencil. This can also create a “distressed” or “rustic” look to the frame.

5. Let the paint completely dry and peel off the adhesive stencils. Make three other decorative frames using stencils or painter’s tape. I made a set of four with all different designs for a diversified look.

6. Now if you’re really in the mood to craft, you can give your frames a little extra something to make them really “pop out.” Michael’s also sells smaller ArtMinds™ Square Wood Frames (3″x3″) that you can use to add layers to your frames. As with the bigger ones, apply two coats of paint to these smaller frames. Once they are dried, you can use wood glue or a glue gun to adhere them onto the originals.

And voila! Your knock-off Etsy wooden frames are complete! Hang them up for you and your family to enjoy.