A Fresh Start

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to keep a diary.

About a week ago I was cleaning out my closet in preparation for my move to Boston when I came across a plethora of old diaries dating back to my junior high and high school years. Almost all of them started off the same: “Hello world! My name is Nicolette and this is my diary. I promise to write in this diary every single day until there are no more pages left.” And, sure enough, none of these diaries included a second entry. All except for one. This one diary lasted between my sophomore and junior year of high school and included much more than just a description of my first crush and the details of our first kiss. This diary included crafting ideas, insightful quotes and reviews of movies and TV shows that consumed my existence (High School Musical and Gossip Girl to name a few). After looking back at this particular diary, I decided that the reason why it was so successful was because I was writing about topics that I was passionate about. Moreover, this diary included entries about topics that I could share with people other than myself.

After discovering Pinterest (a site that I consider to be my Bible) and perusing various craft blogs, I decided that starting my own blog would be the best way to share my interests in a way that other people can also enjoy. I’ve always been a movie fanatic and growing up on shows like Barefoot Contessa and Design on a Dime sparked my interest in cooking and interior design. As the daughter of one of the craftiest moms I know, I have also inherited a passion for do-it-yourself projects. More than anything, I hope this blog can serve as bulletin for delicious recipes I may try,  beautiful crafts that I create and reviews of books and movies that I find particularly profound. So with that, I begin my journey with my first blog; one that I hope to successfully sustain throughout my early twenties.

Until next time…